Custom Wedding Cake Toppers - Fantastic Resemblance of Personalities

You can coordinate the color of your cake with your wedding color but make sure to choose a color that is edible since your guests will be eating the cake. Always remember that your wedding cake is not only created for display but also for eating.

For example, a retail vendor does not have to allow you to sell your products in their establishment even if you do have the required insurance; plus providers of food product liability insurance may be reluctant to provide you with a policy quote because you are not selling a standard rate of food products. In this case, the provider may prefer to give an estimate which requires very specific information about your products and your business characteristics.

I would be remiss to conclude this article on fall wedding cake designs without pointing out that some of the most dramatic options are not cake at all: Take the Pavlova for example. This healthier alternative to cake can draw as many ooh's and aah's on display as they do when they melt in your wedding guest's mouth.

Make five more petals, this time slightly larger than the originals but ensure you still keep the tips as thin as possible. Apply these final petals lower down on the base than the previous petals, spread the petals evenly round the base layering them up and curling the edges back a slight bit more to create more bloom.

However, you must remember that there are many wedding cakes which are required to design with adequate time in hand and thus must be ordered at least two-three months before the wedding. You can visit their site to know which are the cakes that requires advanced orders.

The icing can either be a simple store-bought icing, homemade, or you can use fondant to cover the cake. Using fondant makes it easier to incorporate designs such as stenciling or cake jewelry onto the finished cake. A traditional frosting can also be decorated with a variety of easy ideas, however, the finished cake will not have as smooth of a texture as with the fondant.

Design Concept: If you want your wedding cakes designs to be perfect and professional, it's probably a good idea to look at picture galleries and cake design magazines to spark your imagination. Some people prefer to use wedding cake design software (very inexpensive) to ensure they get EXACTLY what they want.

One such idea would be thinking about a different type of wedding cake. Instead of the traditional multi-tiered cake, why not opt for a non-traditional version: the cupcake. More and more people are asking for cupcakes these days! Oh, you say, but this will make them commonplace again. If everyone is starting to do this, what will help keep it staying a unique new wedding experience enhancer?

Cake designers, creators and decorators can now use CNC hot wire foam cutters to create “fake” or “dummy” cakes for any event. There are several companies that are selling hot wire foam cutters; However, a Silicon Valley, CA based company has developed foam cutters that comes in kits and are specifically suitable for cake design, signs, logos and letters. The kits are low cost, and are user-friendly.