Developing An Understanding Of Wedding Cake Prices

Make sure to consider the travel and transportation details in the contract before you let the baker sign it. You don’t want any mishaps to occur when transporting your wedding cake to the location of the reception.

The great opportunity that autumn weddings bring from a design standpoint is the chance to play with the rich, warm colors of the season. There is so much you can do to embrace the season and in turn end up with a celebration you will look back on with pride for years to come, and as far as the reception is concerned it all begins with a well thought out fall wedding cake design.

Roll out your coloured fondant icing till it is 1.5cm in thickness, 15cm in width and 20cm in length. Arrange the rolled out icing in front of you so that the 20cm length is the side closest to you.

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For an elegant, formal cake, try using a stencil to design lettering or a damask design. The cake topper could be as simple as monogram letters of the couple or a traditional plastic bride and groom. Strategically placing colorful flowers made from sugar on each tier of the cake, with simple piping between the layers, is also an elegant design.

Size & Amount: Wedding cake is usually tallied at a per slice rate. This means the more people you have at your wedding, the larger and larger the bill is going to get. If you can, try to keep the guest list under control so the price of the wedding cake doesn't get too extreme. If the guest list is already set, well, then you'll just have to make a few sacrifices with the “appearance” of the cake rather than the “amount”.

So you are getting married? There is a laundry list of items to get started on. Who will be your photographer, what dress do you want, where will you honeymoon, the list goes on. These are all exciting new things think about before you and your fiance walk down the sacred aisle and make promises to one another.

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